This year, DA VINCI CREATIVE project which has been creating on possibilities of expanding the realm of transboundary or no-bounda\-ry faces it’s 10-year Anniversary.

This project has been a center stage for testing the limit of artists working with cutting edge technologies, and also as a platform for producing complex convergence artworks, and thus expanded the boundaries of convergence art.

This year, DA VINCI CREATIVE proposes experimental discourses on Bio-Art, under the theme of ‘Living Life’.

Artists give focus on this era of dramatic changes in environment, life, and living conditions, where the average life expectancy is reaching 100 years, unfold their narratives through variety creative experiments such as cyborg, genetic designs, measurements on environmental pollution and etc.

Through interaction with these artworks, the audience will realize that expansion of our understanding is already a reality.

We thank you for your support enabling these ideas by DA VINCI CREATIVE’s artists to reach to public, and those in specialized arena, and to have connections with various corporations, and organizations, so that it can be expanded, and utilized in the real world.

Kim Jong Hui, Chairman of the
Seoul Foundation
for Arts and Culture

Living Life

All over the world, we are facing this 21st century as the era of the 4th industrial revolution, and homo hundred. Bio ystemic engineering and its convergence technologies are the driving forces that enable this. It is inevitable that through this convergence process its subjects become modified, fabricated, and manufactured, and this often creates unprecedented results. In reality augmented humanization is steadily increasing due to exponential growth in convergence technology, and this reflects in establishment of various organizations such as world transhumanist association, cyborg foundation promoting its rights. A cyborg is no longer just a super humanized machine that we get to vicariously encounter through movies, but an actual being in our daily life and its rights need to be protected within certain boundaries. If so, we need to pose the question of by whom, and how these sets of rights should be established. Does human actually have rights and have autonomy over the decision of expanding their life span and augmenting their body capacities? Furthermore, if human have desire to extend their pet’s life by bionics, how can we maintain the value and dignity of our life, and the sense of justice and fairness that arise from this phenomenon?

This shows that although all these technologies are aiming towards their own certain purposes, these individual technologies don’t have a ground for value-neutrality, and in this convergence era where the boundaries are complicatedly interlaced, we are finding ourselves further away from clear principle guidelines that could face and respond to these problems. In other words, the question of what, how and why we are converging becomes increasingly important. If certain technologies are aiming towards a purpose, and have their values, we need to re-examine these, especially if the problem of lives are involved. Hence the goal of DA VINCI project is to bring these dimensions to awareness, and thus try to find our way forward. If DA VINCI CREATIVE has been focused in showcasing the art of cutting-edge technologies in the past, we are addressing the needs to show the human and social aspects, and contemplate this spirit of age. We wish to give you an opportunity to pause for a moment to reflect upon and communicate the value of life.

Art Director Cheon Hea Hyun (Prof. Korea Polytechnic University)

57, Beoman-ro 15-gil, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea

E. geumcheon@sfac.or.kr
T. 02-807-4800
F. 02-807-4125

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