Since 2010, the Seoul Art Space Geumcheon has supported media art through the Da Vinci Idea Contest, provided the opportunities for the works to be communicated with audience through various exhibitions, such as ‘The Return of Techné’, ‘Random Access Black Box’, ‘On the Eve of Tomorrow’ and ‘The Blue Hour: Boundary between Functions and Aesthetics’. In 2014, this event was expanded into a media art festivaland under the title of ‘Lexical Gap : Non verbal Way of Interpreting Media Art’, we a rranged the past history while exhibiting the works of each year’s prize winners and the recent works of the artists in the same place who were discovered through the Da Vinci Idea Contests in the meantime, began to exchange with foreign media artists who are actively involved in artistic activities.

In this year’s Da Vinci Creative Festival, ‘Sense of fonder’, for another new beginnings, we are to find the clue from ‘a sense of wonder from the inside’ which sticks to the basics. Therefore, we want to pay attention to various experiments of the young artists with inquisitive eyes, such as virtual reality, augmented reality, EEG, sound inter ace, participatory media skin and kinetic lights. In addition, we are to provide a forum for conversation with nationally and internationally renowned media artists who weare faithful constantly to their curiosity, developed new fields, such as the big data based emotional communication, robotics and media architecture, and provided audience with the sense of wonder while transcending the imagination and reality, the past and present.

Media art related to technology wouldn’t be able to overlook the disruptive innovation phenomenon which becomes increasingly clear. What we are talking about here is a new innovative technology which can completely change the existing market unlike the sustainable technology which mainly focuses on the performance improvement of the existing technology. Media art might prepare not the existing media art, but a completely new disruptive innovation. If so, we think that we should seek the driving force not in a new technology, but constantly in our own creative abilities whichthe curiosity from the inside can be transformed into a wonder. In this sense, we hope that ‘Da Vinci Creative : Sense of Wonder’ would be a precious time for us to ser ously think about the preparedness for a new beginning.

Art Director DooEun CHOI

57, Beoman-ro 15-gil, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea

E. geumcheon@sfac.or.kr
T. 02-807-4800
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From the pedestrian crossing on the left of the Exit 1 of the Doksan subway station line no. 1, walk straight for about 300m into the alley next to a Maeul bus garage, turn left at the crossroads where the Lemon Mart is, and keep going 20m (about 5 minutes in total)

Line 2
Get on Geumcheon 06, Maeul bus, at the bus stop outside of the Exit 1 of the Guro Digital Complex subway station line no. 2, Get off at the bus stop, the Seoul Art Space Geumcheon, which sounds like GeumCheonyesulgongjang[gumtʃʊn;jesulgɔŋzaŋ] in audible guide, and looks like GeumCheonyesulgongjang, Yu Changsyupeo in visual guide on a bus (about 15 minutes in total)

From Siheung-daero, turn right at the crossroads near the Geumcheon Post Office to the Siheung IC direction, turn left at the third unprotected left turn sign and go straight about 20m