Light Tree: Interative Dan Flavin



LED, IR Sensor, Acrylic

Light Tree: Interactive Dan Flavin is a homage to Dan Flavin, who is one of the American Minimalist artists, presenting the possibility of combining science and art through lights as a medium. The Interactive Installation expands its visual-perceptual feeling through space made of lights. Consisting of LED linear lights at front and back sides each that are programmed to maintain contrast colors, one piece of lighting unit resembling fluorescent tube lights its front and back sides in different colors. The LED lighting parts on the front and back sides are combined with infrared light detection sensors, which are designed to display various colors when touched by audiences. The audiences can be immersed into this work as it displays light being influenced by them and being in harmony with the space. As a result, the audiences are encouraged to participate more physically and directly.

HYBE (Hive for Hybrid Environment) is a group of new media artists who aim to create value through the use of creative media. HYBE studies and invents media that fuse technology with art and experiments with practicality, while connecting space and viewers. HAN ChangMin, the representative and creative director of HYBE, received his graphic Design B.F.A at the School of Visual Arts in New York and his Interactive Digital Media M.A at Ravensbourne College in London. Han seeks to break free from two-dimensional virtual frames and conduct interesting experiments that border on both art and technology based on actual physical space. At the heart of his experiments lie the direct participation of viewers and original experiences.
IRIS, which Han released through the Da Vinci creative, garnered much acclaim from overseas experts and press organizations in the field of media art.