AT Field_Paralyzed Sense

Kim Byeonggyu


Mixed Media

AT Field_Paralyzed Sense provides a cube shaped space of which transparent planes look like fields of light by using various digital media, such as, laser so that an audience can have a visual and tactile experience of digital media. The Interactive Installation is activated with light only when an audience enters the cube shaped space. Inside of the protective light barriers, the audience can have an experience of intriguing but threatening communication and of being absorbed in the surrounding space.

Kim Byeonggyu
- 2005 , Insa Art Space, Seoul
- 2011-2012 Residency Program, Seoul Art Space Gumcheon, Seoul, Korea
- 2010 Ph.D, Department of Art & Technology, GSAIM, Chung-Ang University, Media Art
- 2002 MFA, School of Visual Arts, Photography and Related Media,
- 1997 BFA, Chung-Ang University, Fine Arts