Kim Byeonggyu


Mixed Media

Flesh presents three silicon cubes, which were made by casting a part of the artist’s body, to represent feelings of a human body, such as, its tactile sensation, temperature and pulse. The three cubes look like talking to each other through light using binary signals. When a spectator presses a cube, it starts to flash and the other ones also start to flash as if they respond to. The artwork provides experiences for spectators of touching objects feeling like a lump of flesh and of a work recognising their touch.

Kim Byeonggyu
- 2005 , Insa Art Space, Seoul
- 2011-2012 Residency Program, Seoul Art Space Gumcheon, Seoul, Korea
- 2010 Ph.D, Department of Art & Technology, GSAIM, Chung-Ang University, Media Art
- 2002 MFA, School of Visual Arts, Photography and Related Media,
- 1997 BFA, Chung-Ang University, Fine Arts