Light Wave



Mixed Media(Motor, LED, 3D Printing)

Light Wave is a Lumino kinetic work, involving light and movement, in which an optical illusion like waves is created by patterned movement in combinations of LEDs and motors. Audiences can experience changes in sense of space, which goes beyond that of a static display, through the display of the work to which physical movement is implemented.

teamVOID is a media art group by Junbong Song and Jaehyuck Bae creating systematic art works between arts and technologies. In there works they attempt to design experimental systems and realize them as a interactive media, a kinetic sculpture and a light sculpture.
- Hammering : Open Sailing - PAN2014 Korean Media Art Exhibition, JCC, Jeju, Korea. Oct 2014.
- Wind1985 : Hyundai Brilliant Memories Exhibition, DDP Seoul, Korea. Feb 2015.
- SINAR (眼光) : Butterfly 2015: Wearable Technology Art Exhibition. Art Center Nabi, Seoul, Korea. Apr 2015.
- P-LUNA : Davinci Creative Festival 2015. Guemchen Art Center, Seoul, Korea. Sep 2015.
- Light Wave : Scopitone Festival 2015. Stereolux, Nantes, France. Sep 2015.