2015 Open Call for DA VINCI Idea

Contents for the Open Call for DA VINCI Idea
Art+technology that can be commercialized.
* Examples: kinetic art/light art/media architecture/sound art/media performance/VR,AR/robotics/convergence among genres of art, etc.

Submission period

Eligible participants
Those who have technology to realize developed idea or realize idea utilizing outsourcing(possible to cooperate with external engineers)

– Creators target support
[Section 1] Creative idea based on deployable technology: 6 teams around
[Section 2] Upgrade version of 2010 to 2014 Da Vinci Idea Development: 2 teams around
– Research supports the idea civic target
[Section 3] Technology-based creative ideas: 3 teams around
※ One possible idea of the Da Vinci conspiracy supported many sectors overlap, it can not be selected simultaneously.

Funding and support
– Cash support
: [Section 1~2]: production cost support 5 to 12 million won
: [Section 3]: Research Team Prize money-200million won/2 Team Excellence Award 50million won
– Opportunity to release developed artwork: support for the announcement of artwork and exhibition composition
* [Section 3] If the target of civil conspiracy offer ideas, but ideas exhibition opportunities
– Provide opportunity to receive mentoring from engineer/curator
– Provide some available parts and technical support

Documents to be submitted
1. Detailed development plan (attachment)
* If the work is selected for upgrade, the result report submitted after the development should be included in the detailed development plan (outcome, problems, etc.)
2. Production plan drawing, conti, simulation and other image document (ppt or pdf)/ submit video record (mp4, avi), if necessary

Method of application/result announcement
Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture Main Reception

Art Space Geumcheon Seoul Foundation of Art and Culture, Seoul

02-807-4120, aoos@sfac.or.kr

Sense of Wonder

2015.09.03-2015.09.30 (Closed 26 to 29)

2015.09.03. 19:00

Seoul Art Space Geumcheon

Art Director
Dooeun Choi

Kim Ah Young, Kim EunsolAhn Sungseok·Yang Jong seok, Digital Hippy Lab, Park Seungsoon, Park Jaewan·Lee jaesung, Choi Younghwan, Code Blue, Team VOID, Lab[au], Louis Philippe Demers, Maurice Benayoun, Yang Minha, Ujoo·Lim Heeyoung, workshop participant·Herman Kolgen

Since 2010, the Seoul Art Space Geumcheon has supported media art through the Da Vinci Idea Contest, provided the opportunities for the works to be communicated with audience through various exhibitions, such as ‘The Return of Techné’, ‘Random Access Black Box’, ‘On the Eve of Tomorrow’ and ‘The Blue Hour: Boundary between Functions and Aesthetics’. In 2014, this event was expanded into a media art festivaland under the title of ‘Lexical Gap : Non verbal Way of Interpreting Media Art’, we a rranged the past history while exhibiting the works of each year’s prize winners and the recent works of the artists in the same place who were discovered through the Da Vinci Idea Contests in the meantime, began to exchange with foreign media artists who are actively involved in artistic activities.
In this year’s Da Vinci Creative Festival, ‘Sense of fonder’, for another new beginnings, we are to find the clue from ‘a sense of wonder from the inside’ which sticks to thebasics. Therefore, we want to pay attention to various experiments of the young artists with inquisitive eyes, such as virtual reality, augmented reality, EEG, sound inter ace, participatory media skin and kinetic lights. In addition, we are to provide a forum for conversation with nationally and internationally renowned media artists who weare faithful constantly to their curiosity, developed new fields, such as the big data based emotional communication, robotics and media architecture, and provided audience with the sense of wonder while transcending the imagination and reality, the past and present.
Media art related to technology wouldn’t be able to overlook the disruptive innovation phenomenon which becomes increasingly clear. What we are talking about here is a new innovative technology which can completely change the existing market un ike the sustainable technology which mainly focuses on the performance improvement of the existing technology. Media art might prepare not the existing media art, but a completely new disruptive innovation. If so, we think that we should seek the driving force not in a new technology, but constantly in our own creative abilities whichthe curiosity from the inside can be transformed into a wonder. In this sense, we hope that ‘Da Vinci Creative : ‘Sense of Wonder’ would be a precious time for us to ser ously think about the preparedness for a new beginning.


  • Maurice Benayoun, France

  • Louis Philippe Demers, Canada

  • 1024 Architecture, France

DA VINCI CREATIVE 2015 Sense of Wonder

How do media artists create future value with a sense of wonder?


Seoul Art Space Geumcheon

Maurice Benayoun, France
Louis Philippe Demers, Canada
1024 Architecture, France

1. Maurice Benayoun
Keywords for the practice of open art: Construction, stock, fragrance, dumper, war, convergence, Virtualities, etc.
2. Louis Philippe Demers
Alternative computing and robotic art: how to rethink computing in the context of robotic art?
3. 1024 Architecture
In a non-material substance: the physical space of 1024 via digital projection optical dynamics (2008-2015)

  • Herman Kolgen

  • Lab[au]

  • 1024 architecture

DA VINCI CREATIVE 2015 Sense of Wonder

Production Technique Workshop

Seoul Art Space Geumcheon

The details
1. Herman Kolgen
Territories near us: Using real natural elements
2015.08.29-8.30 1pm-6pm
– A workshop focusing on understanding of the voice-visualization of data. The workshop deals with hardware controllers comprehensively which produce visuals and sounds based on seismic activity data, modify this abstract information, and communicate with each other, and display its outcome.
– for Beginners

2. Lab [au]
2015.8.29-8.90 1pm-6pm
– A workshop, of which title is a combination of ‘SMA’, an acronym of Shape Memory Alloy, and the word, ‘Art’, to make kinetic sculptures in mechanical, electronic and programmable forms by utilizing various media.
– for Beginners

3. 1024 architecture
“Advanced MadMapper”
2015.8.30 1pm-6pm
– A workshop introducing the new features of MadMapper 2.0 and learning about custom features and various expressions using DMX lights in-depth.
– for Advanced

  • 1024 Architecture

  • Herman Kolgen

DA VINCI CREATIVE 2015 Sense of Wonder

2015.9.3. 19:00-20:10

Seoul Art Space Geumcheon, Warehouse

About the performers
Herman Kolgen-LINK.C
Inspired by a fascination for a multifarious and fragmented kind of urbanity, LINK.C is a moving, elliptical representation of our urban areas. We are all interdependent thanks to a kind of proximity that’s both fragile and ambiguous. Our fragmented identity is rooted in the paradox between isolation and connectedness.
String Quartets:
Violin Lee Juhyeon, Tae Seoni
Viola Shin Yungyeong
Cello Kim Yeonjin

1024 Architecture-Recession
The third part of the trilogy Euphorie Crise Recession is an audiovisual performance, a journey through what’s left of our civilisation. The two performers activate the digital vista in realtime, like busted puppeteers, waiting for something to go wrong.

DA VINCI CREATIVE 2015 Sense of Wonder


Seoul Art Space Geumchoen

With its excellent talent from his debut in 2009, he joined one of the best MCs and the release of the first solo album <24:26> in high expectation of hip hop scene was recognized well by the critiques and the public. The later series of single albums were loved significantly positioning himself as an unprecedented figure in hip gap scene.