DA VINCI CREATIVE Festival 2019 | Living Life

FRI, Aug 23 – WED, Sep 11

Art Director
Cheon Heahyun

Kwon Byung Jun
Kim Seong Ouk
Kim Jun Soo
Nonhuman Nonsense
Park Earl
Saša Spačal
The Center for Genomic Gastronomy
Ani Liu
Oh Joo Young
Jung Seung
Jung Hae Jung X Roh Kyung Taek X Cho Eun Hee X Seo Ki Jun
Pinar Yoldaş
Hahm Jun Seo

DA VINCI CREATIVE 2019 Life in the Homo-Hundred Era

Lecture & Performance
SAT, Aug 24 14:00

Seoul Art space Geumcheon

Jung, Seung
Han, Jeakweon
Neil Harbisson
Pınar Yoldaş
Hong, Sungook

Jung, Seung – Prometheus’s String (Performance)
Han, Jeakweon – The World Living with Robots
Neil Harbisson – The Renaissance of our Species (Lecture & Performance)
Pınar Yoldaş – Genetically Modified Gods : Art in the age of Synthetic Biology
Hong, Sungook – Life and Bioethics in the Era of Homo-Hundred

DA VINCI CREATIVE 2019|Festival Night

Opening Performance
SAT, Aug 23

Seoul Art space Geumcheon


MUTO symbolizes ‘vast plains’:
A side project consisting of Graphic artist Park Hunkyu (Viewzic), Geomungo player Park Woojae, Music producer Sin Bumho (Idiotape), and Graphic designer Hong Chanhyuk.

MUTO emerges from musing over two fundamental elements in modern performing arts: Originality and Contemporaneity. By Integrating sounds of East & West, and Amplifying artistic interpretation through manipulating Media Art and Light Art forms, MUTO aims to materialize an entirely new territory of performing arts on the basis of Korean traditional music.

Kasia Molga

‘Human Sensor’ by artist Kasia Molga, is a large scale, futuristic narrative in a form of wearable tech costumes and performance artwork. It explores how human body, especially that which is more sensitive to changes in the air, reacts to daily exposure to air pollution, and how it can be “utilized” as a sensor informing other city dwellers about the air conditions.

Wired up to a series of breathing and air pollution data sensors, the costumes are activated by the breath of a wearer – in case of the performance – a dancer. Illuminations are in a real-time responsive to pollution levels – the fluctuation in pollution influences the colours and configurations of light on the wearable, which fades in and out with dancer’s inhalations and exhalations. The surrounding sound of performers breathing further draw attention to the changes in the bodily conditions affected by the condition of the environment. ‘Human Sensor’ premiered in July 2016, during the Manchester International Science Festival, a commission by Invisible Dust and Manchester, European City of Science. ‘Human Sensor LDN’ was performed in London, in June 2018, commissioned and produced by Invisible Dust in partnership with Euston Town BID as part of ‘Under Her Eye’ and Studio Molga. In Korea, Human Sensor is made possible with the support of the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme in the framework of STARTS initiative (Science, Technology & the Arts).

Kwon Byung Jun

ByungJun Kwon started his career as a singer-songwriter in the early 1990s. Kwon’s oeuvre consists not only of six music albums whose genre range from alternative rock to minimal house, but musical operations and performative acts in diverse platforms of movie soundtracks, theatre, fashion show, and modern dance. He
spent the late 2000s in the Netherlands studying art-science and working as a hardware engineer at STEIM, a research center for new musical instruments in the electronic performing arts. Since returning to Korea in 2011, he has developed and secured a certain niche in contemporary (visual) art of employing his characteristic sound and media.

DA VINCI CREATIVE 2019|Festival Night

SAT, Aug 23 19:00-19:15

Seoul Art space Geumcheon

Song of slow growth (Jung HaejungXRoh KyungtaekXCho EunheeXSeo Kijun)

SAT, Aug 23 18:20-19:30

Seoul Art space Geumcheon

Out of Campus

Concert 2
SAT, Aug 23 20:40-21:00

Seoul Art space Geumcheon

DPOLE(D-Pole / HongjooKim)

DPOLE(D-Pole / HongjooKim) is a musician / media artist born in 1992, in South Korea. He makes music and blends Vjing and media arts together in order to produce his videos. He primarily produces and plays Funk, GlitchHop, JazzHiphop, and Experimental Hiphop.